5 Ways to Make Facebook a Positive Part of Your Life

As popular as it is, social media, as a category of entertainment and information, is much criticized these days for its triviality. Facebook, as the king of the hill, takes the brunt of the attacks from naysayers.

So really, can a source of information that produces the latest Grumpy Cat meme or seem to constantly display your cousin’s enviable travel pictures, be a positive voice in your life? The answer is yes.

Social media is not all about mere entertainment or killing time. It can be a positive way to connect with those around you and hold messages of inspiration.

Over the past couple years I have made a serious effort to filter my Facebook newsfeed in such a way that the pictures, thoughts, and quotes that scroll up the page are items that uplift, encourage or inspire me. At worst, I work intentionally to greatly reduce the negative vibes that I could be feeling with certain themes or from certain people who tend to share things that bring me down.

We cannot control the negativity that the world radiates, but we can control who and what we surround ourselves with. If we’re not careful, the dangerous thoughts of others can infect us and render us unable to think for ourselves. But we can trade that negativity for positive ideas that build us up rather than bring us down.

You might think this is airy fairy, positive-thinking rubbish. But truly, why get frustrated and either give up on this powerful medium or fill your head with negativity and focus on lower things? Facebook can be a simple way to enhance a positive mindset and connect well. So why wait another moment longer?

Here are 5 ways in which you can clean up your Facebook interaction. (Where appropriate, I’ve included some examples of Facebook pages that you also might want to follow… certainly not a huge list but you will get the picture)

1) Find encouraging, positive Facebook pages to follow. Follow inspiring speakers, clean humour, pages that share motivational quotes, pictures and articles. You will be surprised at how much just one simple post can change your mood.


2) Choose virtual life role models – follow industry experts, and life leaders whose content lifts you up and takes you higher in academic thought, career aspiration, and leadership.


3) Have a goal? Find pages to follow that share great things about your life goals. i.e. Is it your goal to go to Hawaii? Follow Hawaiian Tourism to take in the gorgeous beaches and sunsets.


4) Unfollow friends whose posts negatively affect you. Do you have friends that constantly share things that build in you a disheartening outlook on life? Do you find yourself feeling jealous regularly when your high school chum shares pictures of the amazing travel destinations she frequents? When your news feed begins to emphasize on negativity in life, it’s time to delete the those negative influences.

5) Unfriend negative people. Do you need to do more than unfollow a Negative Nelly? Just delete them from your Facebook friends. A friend you ‘unfriend’ will not get a notice that you’ve done this. They will notice you aren’t connected the next time they check your profile out. But unless you are blocking someone close to you or who is trying to contact you too much, they probably won’t even notice. That small risk is worth taking in order to lead a life of positive thinking.

Facebook can be a foe or friend. I hope you find your own ways to furnish your newsfeed with positive influences in your life and post them in the comments!

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