Get Ahead Of The Wave – Google Shopping Ads In Canada

What happens when a wave starts in the business world? Those in front are working to figure out how to stay in front and those behind struggle forever to catch up. There is a new wave forming in Canada and if you sell physical products you want to get in front of this wave, soon.


I’m talking about Google Shopping Ads. This platform started several years ago and is now starting to catch on here in Canada. Which is why you may not have heard about it before now. So, hear is your chance to get in on the next big platform for advertising and marketing your business.


Why Google Shopping Ads Now


There has been a lot of negativity about whether advertising on Google works or not. Since they are still pulling over $15 billion per quarter in ad sales, I would say the platform works very well. For those that use it correctly.


Google Shopping Ads started here in Canada back around 2014 and is starting to become more popular as more businesses learn about and use this platform. Which is exactly why you need to get ahead of the wave before your competition. Because right now the cost of customer acquisition is lower which means better ROI. But as more businesses use shopping ads, the competition goes up and so will costs. So get on now.


The Advantages Of Riding The Wave Now


So how can you gain an advantage from the Google Shopping Ads wave? For one, you can get a head start on your competition. Get your products in front of more customers sooner. Let your competition play catch up on sales for a long time. Second, because there isn’t a better advertising platform to reach potential customers while they are hot and looking for your product.


Shopping Ads is also a great way to compete against Amazon. Because now, when customers are searching for a product, they will see your product in the results before they go to Amazon. Giving you first chance at the sale.


Put your products in front of customers who are looking to buy now, before your competition discovers this advertising platform.


How Can This Help Your Business?


We’ve already discussed some of the ways Google Shopping Ads can help your business. Let’s look at a few more.


Search results also show up in Google Images and YouTube. This will give your business even more exposure to potential customers on a platform that is proven to work all over the world. More exposure equals more sales that you can use for growing your business. And do it at less cost per customer acquisition than AdWords.


Merchants have the opportunity to pull customers into a brick and mortar store by targeting locally. It’s easy to do when you set up a campaign. By targeting those people close to your store location you can invite them in by using a coupon or other lead magnet. More traffic equals more sales.
So, how do you get on the Google Shopping Ads wave? That is the easiest part. Contact us for a free consultation and we can help you get started today.