Marketing on Kijiji Canada

We had never used Kijiji before other than a few weak attempts when they first started.

Then about a week and a half before this past Christmas we bought a doll house for my six year-old daughter. When Valerie went on Kijiji by chance , another mom an hour from London had posted the perfect doll house only ten minutes before. And boom – another transaction created by Kijiji.

Kijiji is a free classified service owned by a little Internet company you may know… called ebay.

Why would ebay offer free ads when their business model is normally taking payment from people advertising auction items?

Let’s phrase the answer in another question… Why not build the world’s most powerful free internet marketplace, then add features that people will pay for?

Kijiji is powerful. When the thousands of newly unemployed people are sitting at home trying to scrape up cash fast… where will they think to advertise it? Oh, and where will they remember to find deals? ranks in the top Canadian websites as #12. Higher than (15), TD Canada Trust (24), (26), (34) and just below Canada’s Official Website – The Government of Canada (11). I predict it will go higher.

Kijiji is fast. It’s free. Well, free that is until you want to be at the top of the listings… Even then it is cheap.

My suggestion to you…

If you sell a product learn how to advertise on this incredible “classified ad” medium.

Ways to advertise on

  1. Post Free Ads
  2. Post Paid Ads to be near the top
  3. Target Kijiji with Google Ads (at the top)

Which cities in Canada use Kijiji the most? Here’s a few… (shown with the percent of all Canadian users)

  • – 28.7%
  • – 18.5%
  • – 6.6%
  • – 4.7%
  • – 4.6%
  • – 4.1%
  • – 3.6%
  • – 2.8%
  • – 2.5%
  • – 2.5%