The Real Truth About Why Google Ads Still Work Today



Have you heard that Google Ads don’t work?

I did a little test, and went to Google to search this phrase, “do google ads still work” and got 381,000,000 results. Yes that’s 381 MILLION results. The funniest part is this, I found 4 ads with that exact search phrase from companies that are using ads to get your business based on the myth that Google Ads don’t work.


Just think about it for a minute. If AdWords didn’t work do you think people would continue to spend billions of dollars a year on the platform. That’s right, Google makes over $15 Billion per quarter selling ads on their search network. If Google Ads didn’t work, then there must be a lot of people that should have their credit cards cut to pieces.


Using Google Ads Is Not For The Newbie


While anyone can use the ad network, it is not recommended that a person spend money on the platform without first learning how. Today’s instant gratification society has business owners thinking the more money they throw at a problem the faster they get results. That simply doesn’t work out well using AdWords.


The most successful users of the platform have a plan and test before spending their entire  budget on an ineffective ad. That is why it is recommended that business owners hire someone to do the work for them. It takes the learning curve out and saves money in the long run.


The Difference Between Search And Display Ads


The top ads that most businesses run are search ads and display ads. Part of the problem most business owners run into is they don’t know that the two are used for different reasons.


Search ads are used to pull in cold traffic that is looking for a solution now and most likely ready to buy your product or service.


Display ads interrupt, while keeping you top of mind as they surf the web. Display ads are best used for creating brand awareness with your target customers. Very effective in creating repeat customers and pulling those visitors back that maybe didn’t purchase the first time.


Get Help Or Spend Time Learning


If you’re thinking of using the Google network to run ads for your business, then where do you start?


The most difficult part for you will be learning how to use the platform. Correctly. There are many ways to tackle this thing and you could spend many months trying to figure it out.


The most efficient way to go about this and get the results you deserve is to find an expert that can help you grow your business using AdWords. There are many good companies out there, so the best thing to do is find a company you “click with” and be comfortable working with.


Google Ads do still work today but you have to track and test your results to make the best use of your advertising dollars.